The Shutterbug Experience

The Shutterbug Experience

What is the “Shutterbug Experience”?

More importantly, why do you need it?

Most of us are familiar with the concept of a photobooth experience. You go to a photobooth, have some fun, and let it snap a few pictures. It’s a great way to not only celebrate an event, but to commemorate the occasion.

But what makes one photobooth experience better than another? All photobooths are made the same, aren’t they?

Not exactly.

Here at Shutterbug, we think that a quality photobooth experience can be a little more than that. It shouldn’t just be a pleasure for the people attending the photobooth—it should be a good experience for the people hosting the party as well. That means the Shutterbug “experience” can be seamless for everyone involved. How do we make it happen? Here’s a quick rundown on the experience you can expect when working with the professionals at Shutterbug:

What’s Included in a Shutterbug Experience

First, let’s talk about the experience itself. What’s all included? What will you get besides a few photographs and a physical booth?

Here are a few of the attributes you should look for in a great photobooth experience—and the same attributes you can expect from us:

  • Unlimited high-quality digital photos. We live in the digital age, after all. You should expect that you can take photos to your heart’s content—and that these photos will be high-quality with minimal blurring and other issues.
  • Two photo strips per session. Why get one when two is better? Two photo strips per session ensure that everyone waiting in line to use the photobooth will get their proverbial “money’s worth” for the experience.
  • Touchscreen options. Guests can easily pick the options they want from their photos, including the options of selecting from color, black & white photos, or even sepia-toned photos for an “old-timey” feel.
  • Photo guest books or basic prop packages. A prop package is a great way to boost the fun of any photo session. It’s like being a kid again! And photo guest books can be great for the host, ensuring that you’ll have a remembrance of everyone who came to attend your party.
  • Free setup & takedown. From the perspective of anyone throwing a party or an event like a wedding, the prospect of handling the logistics of a photobooth can be downright problematic. That’s why the free setup & takedown offered at Shutterbug Photobooths can be such a tremendous advantage—and a literal weight off your shoulders.

These are just some of the aspects of the Shutterbug experience. But there are additional options including photo discs, custom curtain colors for keeping with your party theme, deluxe prop packages, and even a password-protected gallery.

Why the Shutterbug Experience as Opposed to Other Photobooths?

With all of this in mind, you might still have one burning question: what makes the Shutterbug experience different?

You might just find yourself surprised by how seamless the entire experience is.

For example, our setup typically only takes 45 minutes once we’ve started. That part is very quick and quiet, giving you the freedom to focus on other aspects of the event you’re throwing. With a photobooth, the best experience comes when you barely notice it’s been set up at all—it’s just up and running and ready for fun.

There is also a plethora of options available, including the ones you just read about in the previous section. Those options give your guests plenty to do. But you can also talk with your photobooth professional in advance by calling up Shutterbug and asking about the different options we have. For example, if you want to try different types of photobooths, you can find those as well—including photobooths that take advantage of green screens. These green screen setups are great for thematic parties.

The Shutterbug experience also includes the online world. What good is a photo these days if you can’t find it online? With our online galleries, guests can purchase photos of any size and use them for a range of options, whether that’s for posting and sharing online or even turning into cards that they send out to others.

Making the Most of Your Photobooth Experience

A photobooth is a simple delight. It’s something meant to be enjoyed. It’s not a chore. It’s not an exercise. It’s simply a great way to give your guests a fun experience while you focus on the party itself.

With Shutterbug Photobooths, that’s the “experience” you can count on.




  • We are sooooooo glad we decided to get a photobooth for our wedding! Us and our guests had so much fun with it! Greg was seriously amazing to work with and we are so happy with our experience. He was very responsive and helpful and accommodating to our timeline for the day and worked well with us throughout the planning process. He worked hard throughout the night putting together our guestbook and we are very happy with how it turned out. It's so fun to have photos of all of our guests as a keepsake from the best night of our lives. I would highly recommend Greg for your day!
    - Laura
  • Shutterbug Photo Booth was an absolute blast at our wedding. It was the perfect added touch to make the day that much more memorable. They were fun and easy to work with and everyone enjoyed themselves using the booth. Not only did we get a fabulous book with all the photos, each individual got their own copy...all of this for a very affordable price. Cannot wait to find a reason to use them again :)
  • From years of experience in the field, Roxann understands all the details of event planning and day-of-coordinating. Her and Paul will make sure your photo booth experience is exactly what you want for yourself and your guests at your party, wedding, reunion, whatever!!
    - Jessica
  • We had Shutterbug Shutter Stand at our wedding and the pictures turned out amazing! The attendant was great with our guests and showed them how to use the booth as well as putting together our photo guest book! Props were awesome as well! Highly recommended!!!!
    - Eric
  • All of our guests were able to take funny pictures and write in our photo booth book that we still look back on and laugh about with all the funny pictures and comments. Many of our guests commented on how much fun they had at the wedding and how much the entertainment made an impact on their experience. Shutterbug Photo Booths is not just a camera against a wall, either! He had a fully enclosed photo booth that had props and different themes and backgrounds that you could set on the touchscreen inside. Very professional and high-end photo booths that I would highly recommend for anyone looking for a little extra fun at their event.
    - Matt
  • We had the photobooth be our guestbook and that was a great way to get everyone in it! We had the really young kids in it, our friends, and even grandmas and grandpas go in it more than once! Everyone could leave a little note and it was so much fun to look at it the next day and laugh at everyone's faces and all the props. We are so glad we rented it, it was totally worth it!
    - Korri